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"Let's Keep It Professional"


The Film And Television Industry Is A Beautiful Place To Work. 
Yes, like any industry it has its pros and cons, but overall it's a very unique career. This industry definitely keeps you on your toes by being very creatively challenging and changing on a daily basis.

Your team is everything! It’s taken a very long time for me to finesse my skills in this business. I’ve had to learn how to let go of my ego. I had to stand up for myself, be confident, and learn to let things go even if I thought my way was better. I ebbed […]

Tricks of the Trade

HOW TO: Utilize Your Team

Anyone who has experienced the kind of magic that happens in the hair and makeup trailers can relate to this. It usually sounds something like my everyday life … ME: I need 1 hour to get them ready. CREW: 1hr?? Can you do it in 45 mins?… ME: I can try but I’m letting you […]

Behind the Scenes

Fast Changeovers: The Story Of My Life!

I truly followed my heart fearlessly to the very core, no matter what the naysayers were saying. I feel as I’ve gotten older though, that I’ve lost sight of this a little. But I’m awakening back to the fact that this is crucial in your journey to success, no matter what you do. I don’t […]

Behind the Scenes

Chasing Dreams and Cat Shenanigans: A Hollywood Tale

Dreaming of styling A-list actors on the grand stage of Hollywood? What if I told you that your dream job is closer than you think? And I know it for a fact because this is what I have been doing for the last 15 years and I am pretty good at it, I’ve won 4 […]


Your Hollywood Spot is Closer Than You Think!

Who’s the main character in American Horror Story In American Horror Story Asylum, Sarah Paulson was one of my main actors. At this point in my career, I had taken several classes from top artists in the industry but I had never applied one on an actor to go on camera. Sarah’s character had so […]


Behind The Scenes: American Horror Story: Asylum – My first lace front wig Experience

Popsugar Article on Impeachment: American Crime Story Popsugar Hair & Makeup Article Impeachment: American Crime Story Hair and Makeup Details “We Had So Many Wigs!” — and Other Beauty Secrets From Impeachment: American Crime Story September 29, 2021by DANIELLE JACKSON Image Source: FX As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love […]


Pop sugar Article on Impeachment: American Crime Story

The Film And Television Industry Is A Beautiful Place To Work. Working in the film and television industry is an exhilarating journey filled with unique experiences, creative challenges, and unforgettable moments. Like any profession, it has its ups and downs, but overall, it offers a one-of-a-kind career that keeps professionals on their toes and constantly […]

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Let’s Keep it Professional

hair styling tips

I was offered my very first job right out of Makeup School. I was referred by my beauty teacher, Cyndi, to a woman who was designing a thirty-day feature. She wanted me to be the Hair Department Head. I told her the truth, that I had moved back to Arkansas and if I took the […]

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The Start of My Career

Since fifth grade, I’ve been captivated by the artistry of hair. My future career journey all began with innocent attempts to style my own locks, often resulting in impromptu haircuts and colorful experiments, mom was shocked to say the least. I would go upstairs with long hair and come back down with a chin-length bob. […]

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My Journey To Hollywood

hair business journey

I Know I Know, Strange Topic I’ve now worked with Habits on three different shows. As simple as they seem, they are definitely NOT! There are numerous tricks that the costume department has to do on their end to help it keep its shape. But then we (the hair dept) have to apply it just […]

Tricks of the Trade

HOW TO: Work With Nun Habits

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